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Meet The Team

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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Ar. Ankur Singhal

M.S., B. Arch, Associate Constructor

Mr. Ankur Singhal has a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT-R) and Masters in Construction Management from Michigan State University, East Lansing (MSU). He has worked in both India and the U.S.A. with projects like Hospitals, Malls, Hotels, Sports Arenas, Offices, Bridges and Housing Societies.

For Mr. Ankur Singhal, it has always been about the client. His work experience had prepared him to always put the needs and wishes of his clients before all else. Ankur saw a need for a full service Architecture and Development firm that can fit the service to the customer’s need, and, that led to creation of Sequoia. He understands that his job is to Listen First, and also to educate and help people figure out what all options they have so they can make an informed decision. 

With over 14 years served in the Building design and construction industry, Mr. Ankur Singhal has travelled the globe, seen what's possible and helped shape some of the biggest projects. It is important for him to be Trustworthy and Act with Integrity. In current times, it is of paramount importance to be Responsible and Act Locally while always having a Global Outlook. For Ankur, it ultimately boils down to doing what is RIGHT.

Mr. Madan Mohan Singhal

B.E., C.E., Lead Auditor, Master Trainer

Mechanical Engineer, Certified Lead Auditor for QMS, EMS & OHSAS. Having 42 years vast experience of Project, System, Operation, Development, Certification & Training in Feed-Food, Chemicals, Pesticides, Ceramic, Metallurgical, Textile & Pharma industries. Worked with corporate as Senior Manager, Chief Engineer, Vice-president, CEO & General Manager.

Mr. Singhal is a true Malwa resident. Born and brought up in Ujjain, he went on a long tour of the country working with some of the best and biggest manufacturers in India, finally settling down in Indore. He is a master builder, having planned and executed multiple construction projects in his career. Best part about these projects was that he was the end user and was able to leverage his vast experience to shape the final product.

Mr. Singhal has made an equally large impact on the community he lives in. Past member and president of Giants Club and Lions Club, he is deeply connected with local Social Service Organizations and continues to donate his time and efforts for betterment of the society he lives in.

Master trainer and lead auditor for QMS, EMS & OHSAS, Mr. Singhal is an expert when it comes to the quality of Process. In his own words, "If you can ensure your Process is safe, controllable, optimised and of highest possible quality, your Product will by default inherit these qualities and there is nothing that can stop your journey to success." Most practical, reasonable and economical project executor who takes ownership of his work, making On Time Delivery a priority and never loosing focus on Safety, always challenging the established norms to improve the industry, Mr. Singhal is the best partner for you.  

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